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Tips for grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic

List of tips for keeping yourself - and others - safe during the Coronavirus crisis.

While shopping for essential items at the grocery store during the COVID-19 pandemics, there are number of tips to keep in mind including:

Keep your distance: Keep at least six feet away from other shoppers and employees.

Plan ahead: Make a list, get what you need, get in and get out.

Don't panic: Our nation's farmers, processors and distributors are working hard to make sure our stores are well-stocked. Hoarding products leads to more panic and means others can't get what they need. 

Shop alone: If possible, avoid bringing other members of your household with you.

Wash your hands: Wash your hands and/or use sanitizer both before and after you shopping. If you wear gloves, change them at each location you visit.

Wear a mask: The CDC now recommends that you wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose while in public.

Be patient and courteous: If an aisle or check out lane is full, wait your turn to maintain social distancing. Remain calm and courteous - we are all in this together!


Download these tips HERE