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Governor’s office releases additional information on Healthy at Work phase 1 guidelines

By Gracie Lagadinos, Government Affairs Associate
On May 4, Gov. Andy Beshear released additional information regarding Kentucky’s Healthy at Work guidelines.

As announced in April, the Healthy at Work plan includes a tentative phased-in schedule for opening certain industries on May 11, May 18, May 25 and beyond. This timeline is contingent upon businesses following public health guidelines and that there is no spike in COVID-19 cases.

On May 11, the following industries included in phase 1 may begin reopening: manufacturing, construction, vehicle and vessel dealerships, professional services (at 50 percent of pre-outbreak capacity), horse racing (without spectators), pet grooming and boarding and photography.

In addition to industry-specific guidelines, all businesses must follow general guidelines including continuing telework when possible, enforcing social distancing, universal masks and necessary PPE, daily temperature/health checks and contact tracing.

Below is an overview of the industry-specific guidelines for phase I.

Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain Businesses
- Increase social distancing requirements including ensuring that employees maintain six feet of distance between themselves and others, temporarily eliminating the use of high-touch clock systems and limiting employee contact in common areas and vehicles.
- Ensure cleaning and sanitation of frequently touched equipment and surfaces every two to three hours and providing employees with proper disinfectant.
- Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees.

Construction Businesses
- Adhere to all of the guidelines set for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain businesses.
- Must appoint a Safety Coordinator to manage Healthy at Work requirements at each worksite.
- Must have COVID-19 testing information available to employees and require sick workers to stay home.

Vehicle and Boat Dealerships
- Prioritize digital and online communication and sales.
- Limit access to showrooms to 25 percent or less of maximum capacity.
- Allow customers to conduct test drives without an employee present and sanitize vehicles after each use.
- Encourage the paperwork to be completed electronically.

Office-Based Businesses
- Includes finance and accounting, legal, insurance, engineering, architecture, real estate, scientific/technical, property management, non-profit organizations performing administrative services, and other corporate offices and private office-based firms.
- Increase social distancing requirements including ensuring that no more than 50 percent of employees are present on any given day.
- Employees must wear face masks for any interaction between coworkers or in common areas.
- Ensure cleaning and sanitation of work areas and provide employees with proper disinfectant.

Horse Racing Tracks
- Fans, outside media and guests of those supporting a horse stabled at the track must not enter the facilities.
- Persons supporting a horse stabled at the track must remain in their assigned barns, dormitories or tack houses with limited exceptions. Limit the sharing of equipment between persons and enforce disinfectant between uses.
- Racetrack saunas, steam rooms and workout rooms will remain closed, whereas food facilities can provide carry-out or curbside pick-up only.

Pet Care, Grooming and Boarding Businesses
- Increase social distancing requirements including customers removing their pet’s leash and collar and deliver their pet either curbside, in a crate or in an entry room.
- Communicate with customers and receive payment via phone or online.
- Equipment used such as leashes, collars and beds must be supplied by the business rather than customers, and proper disinfectant must be used.

Photography Businesses
- Increase social distancing including remaining 6 feet apart from all subjects and avoiding photographing groups outside of family units and in no case groups of more than 10 people as long as mass gatherings remain prohibited.
- Encourage outside photography sessions and online communication and previews of photographs.
- Photographers should wear a mask and ensure sanitation of high contact areas.